EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz fall in Miami

• LeBron is fabulous. He dominated the game from the opening tip of the game and was in complete control. Miami rolled through the East last year without Chris Bosh and they are in tuned defensively so even without Bosh they were able to eliminate the Jazz inside game.

• The game had more ebb and flow than the Memphis or Indiana game. In both those games when the Jazz fell down the deck chairs got folded and the Jazz never got back in the game. Tonight the Jazz got it within 8 after being down 20 but the Heat closed on a dominating roll.

• If Al Jefferson is the corner stone to the offense he needs to fight for position more than he did tonight and the Jazz need to react better to the backside pressure that he was receiving tonight.

• The offense is out of whack. Four of the last 5 games have been 4 of the 5 worst offensive nights of the season.

• Teams have adjusted to Randy Foye and are not giving him any air space on the outside. Therefore, he is not getting the looks he was getting earlier and the offense is missing his outside shooting element. Marvin is getting some of those looks and took advantage today breaking out of an 0 for 7 shooting slump from three point range.

• Gordon Hayward had a better night. He finished at the rim, he hit a floater and he was more in control with the basketball. He still turned it over three times and the last four games his turnover numbers are alarming but he looked more confident and comfortable tonight.

• Favors looks really quick on the outside when he goes one on one on opponents. When he straightens up on guys from 14 feet out it really reminds me of Amare. However, he doesn’t make the shot. I am wondering on his touch around the rim, but his free throws are so much better that shows touch and some of his jump shots look better so I am going to guess that is going to come around. Favors is at the point where he is getting the shots and looks that will make him a scorer in the league the question is now if he can start making him. He needs to be a plus 50 shooter, he is at 44%

• In the last 15 games in all but one when Al Jefferson shoots above 50% we win and when he shoots below 50% we lose – he is shooting a career low 47% on the season.

• Early in the season we were doing a great job defending the three that is no longer true. We are still doing a good job of running people off the line as we don’t allow many three’s but teams are now hitting 38% from three against us.

• Game was a 4 point game at halftime and the loss of Mo Williams had a huge impact on the game. Earl is not in the flow right now and it showed to start the 2nd quarter when the Jazz missed their first 7 shots and then to open the 3rd the Jazz went 2 for 8 with 2 turnovers.

• Despite the offensive issues in the 2nd quarter the Jazz defense was good enough that they didn’t lose any ground.

• One of the high points of the game was when the Heat went back to their main guys LeBron, Wade and Chalmers and the Jazz had Hayward, Favors, Kanter all on the floor and they held their own for about 5 minutes

• Kanter only played 10 minutes because Tyrone left Millsap in to open the 2nd quarter and Kanter’s time got cut in the 2nd quarter of the game. He only played 3:00.

• Miami is better than the Jazz, they are an elite level championship team. The Jazz have a lot work to do to be at that level and don’t have any of that type of fire power. The Jazz win in Orlando and they are a game above .500 after playing 18 of 29 on the road and if they can stay with their head above water they can make a playoff push wit