EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Now who are we?

• The Jazz do not play well against good defensive teams that get into them, pressure them and restrict their movement. You have to be quick, set great picks and move the ball to handle teams of this nature and the Jazz don’t do those things.

• The Pacers are the second best defensive team in the NBA and it showed. They don’t allow anything in the paint. When the Jazz tried to probe they ran into yellow jerseys and then the Pacers get back out on shooters terrifically. They overload the ball side of the floor eliminating all space and making it very difficult to get the ball from one side of the floor to the other. The Jazz had 2 points in the paint at halftime.

• The Jazz 2nd quarter was a mess. They had as many points as turnovers (8). They went 3 for 22 shooting. They had their first field goal of the quarter around the 7 min mark. The line-up of Watson, Hayward, Carroll, Favors and Kanter couldn’t find a way to get the rhythm. The problems had started earlier. The Jazz hit 5 of their first 7 and were very crisp in how they were running their offense and making their cuts but then went 5 of 17 for the rest of the quarter and fell behind by 8 then went 3 for 20 in the 2nd quarter.

• Earl Watson got the run instead of Jamaal Tinsley.

• The 2nd unit was 1 for 9 with 6 turnovers when the starters came back in the game in the 2nd quarter.

• Looking back at the 1st quarter it was a 4 point game when Favors came in for Millsap and Hayward for Foye. By the time the next subs came in at the :40 mark – Carroll, Kanter and Watson the game was an 11 point game. When Ty went back to the starters in the 2nd quarter they were down 11 still despite the putrid offense and by halftime they were down 22.

• I keep trying to search for what I think this team is. The latest version is the following. A collective group of players many of whom are above average none of which are a star. When they play the elite teams and the tough defensive teams this gets exposed. However, when they play teams that are not elite they play hard, they have enough different types of weapons that they are able to find a way to exploit their opponent and find a way to win. This might be enough to win 45 to 47 games when you add home court advantage and their are not many teams that are truly elite.

• The margin for error on this team is slight so when they are off or when someone doesn’t have a big night it is hard for them to win this really show on the road.

• The only real complaint that can be said about this team is at times it feels as though some of the guys fold their deck chair too quickly. In the Memphis second half and the game tonight when things ago array they don’t seem to be able to fight through it and stem the tide.

• The tough reality is many times the issue is skills or talent not desire or effort. Having a starless means everyone has to be very strong each night. If you look at the similar rosters around the league they have many nights like this as well.

• The only real concern I have leaving the arena tonight is whether or not Paul Millsap is off the rails again. The last 4 games he is averaging about 11 point s and 6 rebounds and in none of the game has he had more than 12 points. This is all since Favors returned. This team must have Paul Millsap playing well to win.

• Burks got a lot of run tonight. He was super aggressive. The Pacers didn’t have their guys in the game and the defense wasn’t the same but he played hard and aggressively on the offensive side of the ball.

• Jazz were tied at the first timeout tonight. Very rarely this year have the Jazz lead at the first timeout.

• Gordon Hayward turnover issue is real. Clearly, there is a scouting report out to get into his body and play him tight and he needs to learn how to combat that.