EMPTYTING THE NOGGIN – Jazz impressive win in Brooklyn


• Solid road win to open the East Coast trip. Lots to like tonight. 2nd win this year trailing going into the 4th quarter on the road we only had one all of last year. Down 13 the Jazz fought and took it to the Nets.

• One of the best plays of the year – DeMarre Carroll defended Joe Johnson perfectly forcing him to the left hand, he drove the lane, Favors came over to help defensively and altered the shot and then Jefferson grabbed the defensive rebound outletted the pass to Mo Williams who hit a transition 3 to give the Jazz their first lead of the game and they never relinquished the lead. The play is exactly what Tyrone Corbin wants from the this team, good defensive rotations, defensive rebound and then they got into the offense early.

• Tyrone Corbin had a fabulous game. The Jazz made numerous adjustments both play calls, defensively and personnel wise and they all worked. We have talked depth on this team all year and Marvin Williams lead the comeback in the 3rd quarter garnered his first double double as a Jazz player and then never saw the floor in the 4th quarter as DeMarre Carroll shut down Joe Johnson and Gordon Hayward initiated the offense.

• DeMarre held Joe Johnson to 0 for 4 in the 4th quarter. Johnson had been the one guy on the team playing well in the clutch but not tonight.

• The Jazz moved Mo Williams off the ball in the 3rd quarter and made Deron Williams play defense on Mo, running him off picks and making him work. Mo got more aggressive and had 11 second half points. Deron went 2 for 6 in the second half.

• We talked about it in the broadcast and I tweeted it during the day that the Nets are a terrible 2nd half team. They are the 6th best offensive team in the first half of games and 26th in the 2nd half of games. Tonight same story the Nets were 23 of 45 from the field in the first half and then in the second half the Jazz held them to 10 of 32 from the field. In addition, the Nets are only a first half offensive rebounding team and they got 7 of 22 potential offensive rebounds in the 1st half and then got just 5 of 20 in the second half.

• The Nets have significant issues – they have lost 7 of 9 and I don’t see it turning around the correct way anytime soon. They don’t run an offense, they don’t share the ball and they don’t have a roster that matches to what they need – They need a stretch 4 but since Lopez doesn’t rebound they have to play Humphries and Evans.

• Deron Williams doesn’t look right. What jumped out to me in the game as it got close is I didn’t fear him. When he was with us he took games over and won them. Tonight, I didn’t feel like he could do that. I don’t know if it is the system. If he is frustrated or if he has something physically wrong but he isn’t the Deron we had in Utah.

• The end of the game was crazy – The Gordon Hayward threw away the inbound pass, the Nets Joe Johnson makes two free throws, the Jazz struggle to inbound and then Jefferson tries to hand off to Carroll and the Nets steal, Deron shoots it ahead to Joe Johnson who I have to wonder if he didn’t know the score, he drives and then gives it up to Wallace for a three in a two point game. Wallace could have driven the lane – he misses. Everyone stops and the rebound goes to Reggie Evans who misses a bunny at the buzzer. The Jazz couldn’t have made more mistakes and still come out with a win.

• Derrick Favors closed the game for the Jazz. Tyrone changed the sub pattern and brought Favors in for Jefferson rather than Millsap at the first substitution of the first and third quarters and then closed the game with Favors rather than Millsap. Last time, this coincided with Millsap struggles it may have been a coincidence and I guess we are about to find out if it was.

• Marvin Williams was terrific in the 3rd quarter- aggressive and making things happen.

• What jumps out about Favors closing the game tonight is Millsap was having a good game in the third quarter and it would have been very easy for Tyrone to go to Paul. If we go back to before the injury Favors has now closed 3 of the last 4 games for the Jazz.

• Al Jefferson is crazy cool late in games. He went 2 for 2 again tonight in the final 5 minutes

• Huge play after Deron Wiliams got a layup to make it 86-84 with 4:05 left Mo Williams pushed the ball up to Gordon for a layup and put the Jazz up 4 with 3:59 left.

• Final 5 minutes Mo Williams 1 for 4

• This is a really good win. Jazz have taken three of these recently that when the year started you wouldn’t have anticipated they were going to be able to win, SA at home, at LA and at Brooklyn. The best parts of this win are the depth it took, the fight to come back from 13 down at halftime and once they gained the lead they never relinquished it.