EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz fall on the road to the Suns

Emptying the Noggin
• The Jazz weren’t very good tonight. We can get into the details but this one is simple the Jazz weren’t good.

• It almost feels like our guys try to sneak through a game every now and again. Under this theory they tried it in New Orleans and it didn’t work and then the next time we played New Orleans we came with much better energy. Same thing in Houston, maybe the case in Sacramento and now tonight. I would bet the next time we are here the team fires up and gets the win. Under this theory we will play Brooklyn and Miami to the wire on the next trip because we get up for those and then try to sneak through Orlando. I am not sure this is the case but it feels that way.

• Jeff Hornacek said it at halftime we were soft to start the night. The perimeter pressure of the Suns undid the Jazz early and the offense didn’t get going. When a team pressures you like that you have to cut harder, meet the contact with contact and break them off being the initiator.

• The perimeter also broke down on the defensive end where Dragic got wherever he needed to and wanted to go. He is left handed.

• Favors looked better tonight than he did in the San Antonio game.

• The ball movement wasn’t as good as it has been the last few nights. This was largely because the Suns pressure eliminated the ball movement. Jefferson tried to move the ball when he came back in but it didn’t materialize into anything and then he tried to work Gortat and didn’t have great success.

• My theory if your main shot taker takes more shots than he scores points you lose about 80% of the time – tonight Jefferson took 16 shots and scored 14 points. Jefferson’s 66 FTA with 353 FGA is too wide a range.

• First time the Jazz have lost when Marvin Williams scored 10 or more points

• Gordon wasn’t on his shot tonight but 15 minutes is very little for a guy who was averaging 35 a night last April.

• Randy Foye is not hitting right now – this has been going on for about 5 games. He was on fire before and it is evening out a little bit right now.

• Jazz got the game to 4 at 65-61 then Dudley hit a three and Beasley hit 1 of 2 free throws to make it an 8 point game. The Jazz brought Watson and Favors into the game and by the end of the 3rd quarter they were down 12 again. The Jazz never made an inroads in the 4th quarter.

• Lastly, I don’t know if the events of the day had an impact on the team. We were all in our hotel rooms from 11 till we left for the arena. I am sure the TV was on and it was horrific. It was hard to get out of your mind tonight. Every time I saw a young child in the stands I know my mind wandered. If you ask the players of course they would say no it didn’t impact them but I don’t know it would certainly be understandable.