EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz move the ball in win over Raptors

• Solid all around performance tonight. This very easily could have been a night without Favors and Jefferson where you had your excuse for the game to go the wrong way. Instead, the Jazz ripped the heart out of the Raptors. The Raptors are a team that usually plays hard and the Jazz just crushed them.

• This was a big game for Enes Kanter. Kanter got the start and held his own and was very solid. The Raptors front court is not great but he was the best big on the floor for periods of time and he played very well. Kanter has a long way to go but tonight he played a very good game. This was really important that he held his own. He rebounded, he defended and he made some shots. This was an important data point for the Jazz. Kanter ran the floor and played hard the entire night.

• The ball movement was awesome tonight. The ball flew around the outside and the Jazz got great looks. They played smaller tonight with the lack of bigs and spread the floor. Whipping pass from one guy to the next the Jazz hit a season high 13 three pointers. Marvin hit 3, DeMarre hit 3 and Randy got 3.

• The balance was great tonight – 8 players in double figures, 6 players had at least 4 rebounds, 5 players had at least 4 assists, 6 players had steals, everyone who played at least 2 field goals, 7 players had 4 field goals or more.

• The game couldn’t have started worse. Millsap gets 2 fouls and the Jazz are playing Evans and Kanter as the bigs and the Jazz battled back and stayed in the game.

• Marvin Williams played the 4 tonight and it stretched the floor nicely. With Millsap and Marvin as the bigs the Jazz were able to have a wide open floor, penetrate kick and the ball movement was great. I really like Marvin Williams as a stretch 4.

• Jamaal Tinsley is amazing. Whenever he is on the floor the Jazz play well. His plus minus is off the charts somehow every night.

• Mo Williams deserves a lot of credit – he was seriously hating it and battling through the game to play and lead the team. He knew with no Favors and no Jeffferson he had to play.

• 6th time in his career that Millsap had 20 + pts, 10 + rebs and 5 + assists. The Jazz really needed Paul and he stepped up to the challenge. The Favors injury may have come at a good time because Paul was in an abyss and he has worked his way out of it and this team needs Paul to be good for the team to be good.

• This game may have some very positive lingering after effects.