EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz lose to loaded Thunder team

Emptying the Noggin
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• Ok now that I have that taken care of let’s talk Jazz. OKC is a superior team and they looked it. I was really curious coming in how the Jazz would react when they fell behind in this game and they battled and made a run and got back into the game before OKC put their foot down. That was good to see. It has be really hard to play a team that is better than you and makes every possession a task and is loaded offensively and just working you but at least the Jazz continued to battle and fight through that.

• I thought Earl Watson brought a lot of fight to the Jazz tonight. He lead the team back into the game.

• Without Derrick Favors and Marvin Williams the Jazz were lacking a lot of length they needed to combat the Thunder.

• The two guys who have been struggling Millsap and Hayward struggled again. Paul’s line doesn’t look so bad but it is misleading. He scored on the opening play of the game as the Jazz went to Millsap guarded by Ibaka on three straight plays and he score but then he missed 6 straight shots and never was able to handle the length. Hayward can’t make shots right now.

• Jefferson hit some shots in the 3rd quarter and kept the Jazz in it for a while but his entire game moved to the outside because of Perkins and Ibaka. Perkins rode Jefferson off the block out to the 3 point line on a few occasions.

• Favors says the foot has been hurting him for a while now and it got worse today. Feet issues on big men are very scary. Jazz will be very cautious with this. Doubt he plays in Houston.

• OKC was terrific every time the Jazz made a mistake they pounced on it. If the jazz got sloppy with a pass or missed a rotation they were all over it every time.

• Alec Burks got some run tonight and I didn’t think he played well. He is going to have to find a way to play in limited minutes to be able to gain more minutes. At a key juncture of the comeback he missed a quick corner three, he showed the ball to Ibaka on a fast break and got rejected and missed two key defensive rotations that lead to points for the Thunder. The missed defensive rotations more than the missed shots are going to cost him future opportunities to play.

• Kanter had a career high tonight. He had 9 offensive rebounds and 0 defensive rebounds. This is important he had lost some of his juice and carefree approach and looked a bit sullen on the floor. This is an important step for him.

• You may remember this from last year but if your leading shot taker has more FGA than point you lose about 80% of the time in this league.

• Tomorrow is the big one. Without Favors and Marvin this will be tough but Jazz need to win in Houston tomorrow.