EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz play like pros in New Orleans

• Solid professional win tonight on the road for the Jazz. Played an inferior team took control of the game and stayed in control of the game.

• Both Paul Millsap and Gordon Hayward got going tonight which was as important as a win the team really needs them to win games.

• Jazz are two above .500 which means they are guaranteed returning home at .500 before the schedule swings back in their favor home to road.

• Tyrone did some interesting things tonight. He started with Marvin on Ryan Anderson to not let him get comfortable and Marvin is far more comfortable guarding out on the perimeter. This meant Millsap went to Aminu who has been a force on the boards. Then late in the game when Marvin was no longer available due to the concussion Millsap stayed with Ryan Anderson.

• The Jazz board in the locker-room said make Ryan Anderson uncomfortable and they did a great job of that all night.

• Favors was great tonight but Ryan Anderson is a terrible match-up for Favs. He does not naturally go out and cover the stretch 4 and he has struggled with that type of coverage. Tonight Tyrone did a nice job of avoiding those circumstances and therefore Anderson never got going.

• I love the Jazz opening the game with 3 straight post up for Millsap tonight. Got him going but more importantly made Ryan Anderson play defense and he got in foul trouble. Without Anderson this team has no one available to score.

• Jefferson is playing a different game offensively . He has a new magnetic attraction to the rim. He went to the rim almost every time he got the ball and then that means the defender is dropping off his outside jump in fear of going to the rim and he gets more air space.

• More importantly the Jazz got some offense out of the left block with ball movement and out of the double. The Jazz tried a lot of different things to open the year but they are reverting back to the left block based offense and that is a good thing. It gives them an identity to build off. Marvin got his dunk off a cut. Players got chances out of the offense tonight which has not been happening. Remember New Orleans is the worst defensive team in the NBA

• Second straight game the unit of Tinsley, Foye, Marvin, Millsap and Jefferson lead a big third quarter run.

• The defense of the Jazz in the 2nd quarter was awesome. The Hornets had a brutal lineup on the floor but still the Jazz held the Hornets without a field goal for nearly 7 minutes to open the quarter.

• As fans we watch every game as a singular event but as a coach you manage a season. Tonight I think Corbin did a wonderful job managing the season. Millsap and Hayward were both struggling entering the game. He showed a lot of confidence in both of them. Closed the game with both of them. Played Paul in his normal rotation in the 2nd quarter when it seemed strange to take Favors out who had been dominant and then let Paul get his rhythm back in the 4th quarter as well. Gordon missed his first two and Tyrone stuck with him and he two threes and was in a much better mental spot after the game then was prior. This is the delicate dance that holding a team together for an entire season is all about.