STAT CHECK – Jazz as of November 20th

Throughout the year I will post this. Here are the definitions. The top line is the league average so you can put everything in context.

TS% – Weighs free throw shooting and three point shooting ((Pts/(FGA+trips to line)*2)).
EFG% – Weights 3 pt shots so 33% from three is a 50% EFG and 50% FG% with no 3’s is also 50% EFG
Cringe/Grin – This evaluates if a player uses a possession above the league average and how much he shots high number grin when he shoots, negative cringe it is a below league average possession
LHM – Is the metric Larry H Miller used to evaluate players, heavily favors big men
Locke – Is my offensive rating. Weighs efficiency and ability to use a possession. 0 – is replacement level – League average is intended to be 10 – 20 is starter -30 is elite -40 is rare and dominating
Active – Is impact on game rating used by former NBA Coach Bob Hill – favors bigs
Jack% – amount of time between times taking a shot
2%, 3%, FT%, to% –% of possessions used doing those items
SO – amount of scoring opportunities (FGA or trip to line) in 40 minutes
pts/so – pts per scoring opportunity
pts/fga – Kevin O’Connor favorite
Pts per Poss – pts per possession turnovers are counted here not in scoring opportunities
Poss — amount of possessions used per game