EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz win 4th in 6 games with blowout of Rockets

Emptying theNoggin
• Solid win tonight by the Jazz. This game was not as close as the score. Jazz lead it by 20 for much of the night and were in control the entire time.

• Not surprisingly, the Jazz started slow and feel behind 7-0 and then got a rhythm and after a 9-1 run grabbed control of the game.

• The second unit of the Jazz got 13 straight stops in part of a 17-4 run. The defensive work of this unit was terrific and they did it again in the 4th quarter when they went on a 9-0 run to end the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

• Jazz had strong balance tonight 8 players with at least 8 points.

• Jazz defense was better than the offense tonight- Game had about 98 possessions and the Jazz offensive efficiency was 104 which is right around league average and they need to be better than that against a poor defensive team but the defensive rating was 96 and that is great. Jazz will almost always win when they are under 100 pts per 100 possessions.

• Jazz 3 point shooting was vital tonight – 9 of 21 by the end but that was after going 1 for 6 in a play out the string 4th quarter.

• James Harden wasn’t right and the Rockets really need him desperately – Harden played just the first half and was 1 for 6 with 6 points. Harden was hit by an upper respiratory infection that limited his ability and his impact.

• Marvin Williams had a very strong game tonight – 12 points in 25 minutes he hit three three’s and defended well. Gordon came off the bench as well and lead the Jazz in scoring with 15 points in 18:30 on the floor.

• Jeremy Lin is having a very tough go of things. He caught lightening in a bottle in New York and may not have that as a starting full time point guard. The most telling play to me was he made a move on Tinsley and Jamaal cut him off on his drive. That is not Jamaal’s strength and that he cut off Lin is troublesome if I was a Rocket’s fan.

• The Jazz energy and effort was very good tonight. It showed on the defensive end of the floor. They collectively battled for the entire night.

• The attention of detail needs to improve, too many early fouls, fast break spacing was very poor. Defensive understanding. Those are things that will make this team better as the season goes on.

• Both Favors and Hayward had foul trouble tonight that limited their minutes.

• Overall good night. You can nit pick some things but the Jazz did what they should of to an inferior team and controlled the game. The Jazz have won 4 of 6 and are gaining momentum.