EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz finish the trip 2-2 with win over Wizards

Emptying the Noggin
• 2-2 road trip is what we could hope for when the trip started but it is undeniable that it feels as though the Jazz might have been able to grab one or two others and more importantly that the Jazz need to play better basketball than they are playing right now.

• Tyrone Corbin went to the big lineup, the supersized Jazz line-up of Millsap, Favors and Jefferson and it was a complete dude – the Wizards started on a 15-2 run. None of the three were able to get rolling. At halftime the three combined 2 of 11 and 8 points.

• Millsap looked uncomfortable at the 3 – He missed his first 10 shots of the night. It is worth trying a few more times but Millsap is not a small forward and he isn’t as comfortable playing the 3 and at times it hurts both Paul and the team.

• Favors takes points away at the rim. He impacts the game and this is all driven by Favors and the need to have him on the floor. Favors finished with 9 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks but his energy had a huge impact on the game.

• DeMarre Carroll was great again tonight. He brings an element to this team that is sorely lacking, he never stops, he pursues every ball, he makes plays. He changed the game tonight by stealing a few possessions when the Jazz needed it most.

• While the supersized lineup flopped the move to the bench seemed to make both Gordon Hayward and Marvin Williams more effective. Hayward played with a tenacity and a aggressiveness that we have not seen from Gordon very often this year. He got to play with the ball in his hands and he made plays and brought the Jazz back after the bad start. Marvin played the 4 tonight in the 1st half rotation and played very well. He rebounded and seemed to have a bigger impact on the game.

• Interesting that Randy Foye plays the starting 2 tonight and seems lost the same way Gordon and Marvin did when they were in the starting line-up. Until the ball moves and we play the up tempo we were shooting for it is going to be very difficult for the 2 or the 3 to have an impact with how the ball goes left block and does come out very quickly.

• After the Jazz fell behind 15-2 they went on a 13-2 run to get within 2. Then Hayward carried the 2nd quarter and Jefferson had a dominating third quarter with 17 points. Then the game was tied at 55, 57, 59, 61, 63 and 65 then the Jazz went on a 15 to 4 run to end the game.

• Favors had 5 points in that run and Carroll made a ton of plays.

• Washington is terrible.

• The Jazz didn’t play with a good enough level of focus, throwing away in bound plays, not following the game plan, careless passing, lacking rotations, etc. These items have to be rectified.

• The Jazz went 2-2 on the trip. The schedule calms for the next 4 games and the Jazz need to get a rhythm.