EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Impressive Jazz lose in Boston

• This is the best performance I have seen from the Jazz this season. They have played better against lesser opponents but in this setting with the game on the line numerous times they continued to fight and stay in the game and had a chance to win.

• Huge amounts of progress was made in this game. The Jazz seemed less selfish offensively. They had really well executed possessions when they needed them. The defense late in the game was terrific and they battled. The fight they had in Toronto carried over under much tougher circumstance in Boston.

• The late game execution needs to be better and that is the next step. Jefferson is a special player for the Jazz late in games and they need to work off his abilities and they didn’t do that tonight. Honestly, calling a game it is hard to remember every play perfectly so I will have to review the game to have better comments about what went wrong offensively late.

• The Jazz defense down the stretch was awesome. Favors was on Garnett and Hayward was on Pierce and the two players with 24 all-star games between them got nothing off Hayward and Favors. The defense was spectacular.

• Jeff Green scored at 3:40 left to give the Celtics a 5 point lead. The Jazz got caught on this one with Randy Foye in the game for offense but Green was too big so he posted him up and got an easy 4 footer. From that point on the Celtics didn’t get another field goal and only got 2 free throws from Garnett at 1:08 on a foul on an offensive rebound. The defense was terrific.

• The Jazz went big line-up a ton tonight again. Over the last two nights it has been a staple for Coach Corbin. Favors is playing so well defensively and offensively was very aggressive drawing fouls. According to my count the Jazz played 21 minutes of Millsap at the small forward tonight.

• The Jazz were -2 tonight with Millsap at the three. The big lineup gets Favors on the floor defensively but it is not flawless. Millsap’s shooting dropped a good deal last year when he played the small forward. The floor spacing looked less good tonight as the Celtics were prepared to see the line-up. However, having Favors on the floor is important he is playing very well.

• Gordon Hayward was very good in the 3rd quarter tonight. He had 10 points on 3 of 4 shooting and also had 2 rebounds, an assist and a block. His shot looked much better tonight . One of the most awesome plays of the season was when Haywad went 1 on 1 with KG on the wing and KG started barking and clapping at Gordon and he buried the jumper right over the top of KG. Those are big moments.

• Seems on nights when Marvin Williams has a big defensive assignment his offense goes away. Tonight he had Pierce, in Memphis he forced Gay to 4 of 18 but didn’t do much offensively.

• Jazz are relying on the three 7 of 15 tonight. It is a new weapon. Points in the Paint were good tonight with 44.

• The Jazz are not forcing turnovers which is different than years past but in turn it means they are not getting open court opportunities.

• Celtics finish the night shooting 50% and only commit 9 turnovers. I would bet once the numbers are run this was not that good an defensive night for the Jazz.

• The inability to guard Leandro Barbosa on the high pick and roll shows the same issue we have seen all year. Jamaal Tinsley had a tough tough night on both ends of the floor. 0 points, 0 rebounds and 0 assists in 9 :31. Watson is close to ready and the Jazz coaches will need to consider that and I wonder if they would consider Alec Burks – though that is a lot to ask of Burks.

• Derrick Favors had a career high in free throws made and free throws attempted.

• Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are very special and they made the plays in this game when they had to.

• Feel as though the Celtics aren’t right at this time. The Jazz got them at a good time and with Rondo out had a chance to steal what would have been a big win. They played great, but it was a huge chance to get a win most teams won’t this year so it is a bummer that the late game offensive work couldn’t have been better.