EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz tripped by the road again this time in Denver

Emptying the Noggin
• I do believe it is as never as bad as it feels, but I also believe you better address issues that are staring you in the face rather than hoping they will fix themselves on their own. The Jazz play 8 of their next 11 games on the road. They have to fix whatever this road game issue is.

• The first issue that should be address is which team are we. Are we the team that plays at home or are we the team that plays on the road. Was there something false about the lock-out season and we are reverting back to the end of two years ago. I am really not sure.

• The talk everyone off the ledge would be the road losses at Memphis, San Antonio and Denver are not unexpected. But getting blown out of the building is not ok. That is very concerning and that has happened in San Antonio and Denver.

• The Jazz opened the game well. They defended quite well for three quarters. The pace was fast so allowing 53 points in the first half is not great but concerning the pace it wasn’t bad. The offense however was a disaster.

• The game was tied at 36-36 and then the Jazz put together one of the worst stretches of basketball I can recall. For the next 8:25 they went 0 for 10 shooting and turned the ball over 6 times. I have no idea how this happened. They lost any semblance of spacing. They ran plays but without any vigor. They got trapped and couldn’t get out of it. They got nothing in transition, they created nothing defensively to create offense.

• Kenneth Faried and Kosta Koufas were the two best bigs on the floor for this stretch and that should never happen.

• The Nuggets attacked the Jazz on the high pick and roll and the same result we have seen so many times. Al Jefferson as much as he might try struggles badly in the open floor. The game against LAL when he has to guard the post and bang is where he is very good but the teams that force him 25 feet out on the floor he is in a tough spot.

• The Jazz defense to open the 2nd quarter was awesome. At one point the Nugs were 0 for 5 and the Jazz had blocked 3 of the 5 shots.

• Favors had a career high 5 blocks and his hard work at the free throw line with Coach Brad Jones is paying off he had a nice night at the line. He notched a double double. It is a night were numbers seen irrelevant since the game was out of reach at halftime.

• I would hat tip to the following players – Derrick Favors and Kanter for their second period, Hayward played the third with some energy, Kanter continues to hit some hots, Favors free throws, Iggy hit some shots early but I thought Marvin was on him tight, Millsap opened the night going at Faried and it worked for a little.

• The Jazz have had 6 leading scorers in 6 games.

• Al Jefferson was coming off the flu and lets hope that is the reason it was one of the least energetic nights I have ever seen out of Al.

• Bad night. The excuse list is playing in Denver is tough and your best scorer is sick and you didn’t get any calls and the game got away from you. When it is another road loss that seems hallow.

It is 1 am and we are taking off from Denver – better be ready tomorrow.