EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz beat the Lakers

Emptying the Noggin
• I want to start with the defense. I know Randy Foye went nuts but let me start defense. The Lakers came into the game shooting 50% from the field and the Jazz held them to 33.8%. The Lakers shot 5 of 19 in the first, 7 of 16 in the 2nd, 5 of 18 in the 3rd and 8 of 21 in the 4th. That is awesome work. Al Jefferson busted his butt guarding Dwight Howard holding firm and allowing his teammates to come in and help and wreck havoc.

• The Jazz had 6 offensive rebounds, 5 steals and 3 blocks in the first quarter and they never let up defensively. The Jazz finished with 12 steals and 7 blocked shots.

• The truth is this is a great match-up for the Jazz. Jefferson plays the post defense one on one pretty well, the Lakers don’t run a lot of pick and roll and the Lakers don’t have a quick guard to penetrate and make the defense collapse.

• Randy Foye brings a new element to the Jazz – the potent unabashed three point shooter and he nailed 4 in the fourth quarter to seal the deal for the Jazz. They were huge the score when hit his three pointers was 65-60 and then three in a row at 70-65; 73-68; and 76-68. Look at that if he misses three of those the Lakers have the ball with a chance to make it a one possession game and instead he rocked the house.

• After Foye was done going nuts. Jefferson came in and scored 8 straight points to take the Jazz to a 89-78 lead and finished the night. Big Al has been big late in games since he came to Utah.

• Paul Millsap battled tonight but boy does he look small going against Gasol and Howard. Still Millsap ended the night with 7 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. Great way to battle.

• Corbin used Foye and Burks together with neither of them playing point guard. I really liked this line-up. It is a bit small but the Lakers were huge at the time and it didn’t cause the Jazz problems. Burks driving and cutting with Foye’s shooting is a nice combo. Burks had a awesome cut on the baseline for a slam dunk on a super give by Mo.

• Different offensive guys at different time, 1st quarter was Al Jefferson , 2nd quarter was Mo Williams, Millsap and Jefferson worked the 3rd and Foye did the damage in the 4th.

• Jefferson lead the team in scoring with 18, 5th different guy to lead the team in scoring in 5 games.

• 94 possessions apiece tonight. Offensive efficiencies: Lakers – 91.5, Jazz – 101.1 – 91.5 is great great defense. The Jazz offense wasn’t super tonight that is well below where they usually are but this was about defense.

• I hate the Lakers offense – every time to Dwight Howard left block – doesn’t scare me at all as an opponent. Gasol scares me. Kobe scares me (not really that much any more) but Howard doesn’t scare me at all.

• The Lakers bench is a disaster. The game was 60-56 in the 3rd when the Lakers went to the bench and by the end of the quarter the Jazz were back up 8. The Lakers bench was a combined 4 of 15 from the field and Steve Blake was 2 for 10. That is a really big problem for this team In the 1st quarter the Lakers got 1 field goal in the final 4:05 to close the quarter once they went to their bench.

• Lakers got called on 14 fouls Jazz got called on 30.

• I know Enes Kanter box score was good but he is still really struggling. He is way off is game.

• Favors played great but he is not ready to be given the ball on the block offensively it is not something is doing well yet.

• Nice win- Defense was really super. Can we play 82 at home?