Emptying the Noggin – Not as good or as bad as we think

Emptying the Noggin
• It is not as bad as it feels right now and it wasn’t as good as it felt after night 1. Though this is not good. It makes the game in New Orleans later this month a must win. Going into the season you hope to get 1 of 2 in New Orlreans and win the two at home. The concern is that wins are going to be hard to come by this month with the amount of time on the road and you should beat a team of Vazquez, Rivers, Aminu, Anderson and Lopez.

• Watching the game film of the Spurs and the Hornets, the Hornets ran a bunch of different things offensively. Tonight they no exaggeration may have run 30 to 40 straight high pick and rolls because we can’t defend it. Al Jefferson is not good in the high pick and roll and until we can find a way to protect him, hide him and get him to play the high pick and roll teams are going to run it, run it and run it more. It is like the kid who can’t hit the curve ball just keep throwing it until he hits it.

• On the final basket by Vazquez Coach Corbin made a nice move and switched Hayward onto Anderson and Millsap on Aminu so that the Jazz could switch the pick and roll and Hayward would end up on Vazquez however, Gordon slipped and that allowed Vazquez to get the looping layup.

• Lots of questions about offensive defensive substitutions. Very legitimate question. I don’t believe Coach Corbin has done any offensive defensive substitutions in his career if he has they are very few. He has concerns over the stiff player coming in, in that circumstances. I believe the league rule is if the other team calls a :20 and they don’t sub you can’t sub. You would have to call a :20 to make your sub. Specifically, tonight the Jazz could have made an offensive defensive sub on both of the defensive plays – The Hornets called a full time out before the Anderson three and they subbed Anderson in for Smith in an offensive defensive sub before the Vasquez basket. I will ask Corbin about this tomorrow.

• The most concerning part tonight was how bad the Jazz were in the half court offensively. The Hornets muck the game up and the Jazz weren’t able to handle it at all. They were out of synch badly. They never found a rhythm and even when they scored it seemed as though it was hard and not what they intended. It is nice to push the tempo but you have to be able to play in the half court.

• Early season, I look at shot distribution to see if a team is clicking offensively. Tonight Randy Foye and Mo Williams took the most shots on the Jazz with 16, and Al Jefferson was next with 13, Millsap had 9, Marvin and Gordon had 8. What is alarming to me is I don’t know what we are supposed to be. If I don’t know do the players and if they don’t know I promise they all think they should be getting more than they are getting and that makes locker-room harmony difficult.

• Through two games – Mo has 32 shots, Randy has 25, Jefferson 24, Marvin 21, Millsap 21, Gordon 18 The problem with a team that is this balanced is everyone thinks it is there shot. I don’t think our point guard is supposed to be leading the team in shot attempts.

• Paul Millsap made two huge shots. The dunk to take the lead with 1:35 left and the three to tie it. However, I didn’t feel this was one of his better games. He didn’t impact the game the way I anticipate. Defensively, he struggled more than usual. In two games he is averaging 12 pts a game. Is he ok with that?

• Big play by Gordon late, who has yet to have late game success in his career, but he made just 1 of 2 free throws.

• Marvin had three left corner three’s and he missed them all – last year he shot 48% on those if he hits one or two we might have won.

• The Jazz went to Kanter three straight possessions in the 4th quarter and he couldn’t do anything in the post and that is when Corbin went to Jefferson to create some offense. Jefferson scored on three straight possessions but the Hornets immediately went after him on the high pick and roll. Tough call for Corbin you need something on offense.

• Favors played very well tonight. He is working hard on his jump shot so I don’t think he is that comfortable with it right now but the rest of his game was great. He is such an amazing force on defense and he is a beast on the boards. His pick and roll defense was terrific and he impacts the game tremendously.

• Corbin subbed a lot but the majority of the minutes are being played by two separate units similar to last year.

• Hard to complain about what Gordon is doing, he is only playing 25 minutes a night but is still scoring 12.5 pts getting 3.5 rebs and 2.5 pts. – Last year, at his best after he was re-inserted into the starting line-up he played 37 mins a night and averaged 16 pts, 4.5 rebs and 3.5 ast – If he was as productive this year in last years minutes he would be scoring 19 pts a game 5.3 rebs and 4 ast a game –

• I might argue our 10 man rotation is too many players not that our 10 man rotation needs to include more players.

• I am stopping because this is too long.