INSIDER – The real issue confronting the Jazz addressed today

For all the good news of Utah Jazz training camp this year there has been a big huge “elephant” in the room that no one has mentioned. Ron Boone has come close on the broadcast when he says “I hope this team has the toughness of last year’s team.

The 2012-13 Utah Jazz have 13 players with legitimate claims to playing time. That can make a locker-room an unhappy place. At back up point guard, someone who has started over 200 nba games is going to be out of the rotation. Depending on the rotation there remains a strong possibility that a top 12 draft pick could see limited minutes for some period of time.

This all by itself can derail a team, but add in 7 players in the final year of their contract and it could get really tense. The Jazz have built a roster of high level character guys. Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap set the tone being amazingly unselfish. Truly this is a special group with expection. However, they all have significant egos and pride or they never would have made it to the NBA.

Thus far, all has been perfect. But no one has lost a minute of playing time, a shot at the basket or a basketball game.

Today Coach Corbin seemed to go out of his way to bring up the real issue that is going to determine this team as opening day grows ever closer.

There will be things we look at for quite a while , what gives us the best chance to win going forward. Combinations may change , we might change the starting lineup here and the there, we just want to play, we want the do the best to step forward and play. Everyone is going to get minutes we are a deep team, guys are going to have runs where they are going well and someone is struggling and we change the rotation to help us win.

A few moments later Corbin took it a step farther, when asked what he was still waiting to see.

We have minutes and how guys are going to respond to and staying focused on the prize of winning games and getting better as a team and when all the other dynamics get into it, about minutes and shots and points and that stuff and outside influences and can we stick together and keep fighting together thorough tough times and if someone is going good and somebody else minutes are struggling or down a little bit staying with it, keep working and fighting through and being ready.

For all the other talk this will be what determines how this team develops. The good news is Coach Corbin showed last year to be very adept at dealing with minutes confusion and individual agendas as he drove this team to the playoffs finishing the year far stronger than they started.