INSIDER – Corbin still has combinations he wants to see

Today at shoot around Tyrone Corbin talked about the need to still see combinations he hasn’t seen in the pre-season. It is hard for coaches to get to all of the combinations they want when their main guys are only playing 20 minutes a night.

Therefore, as Coach Corbin increases minutes for his main players he will also be able to see some of the combinations he hasn’t seen in the pre-season. For the most part, players have only played one stint a half, but as we get closer to the regular season look for players to check out and check back in during the same half.

However, the competition from the other side, is vital for Corbin’s evaluation of the combinations.

Some of it is not just us I want to see it against certain competition so they are not playing the regular rotation so it is a little mute at times. We see it at practice but I want to get it against line-ups we will see during the course of the year.

Corbin did mention a few combinations he hasn’t seen that he would like to take a look at in the final 2 pre-season games. Thus, far he has played Kanter with Favors and Evans and has not played him much with Millsap and Favors has played very little with Jefferson. Those are not the match-ups that Corbin mentioned today.

I haven’t had the opportunity to get Mo and Randy combination on the floor as much as I want to see it … hopefully we can see that coming forward. I haven’t had Gordon at three as much as I would like to.

Keep an eye out tonight who is playing with whom.