BREAKDOWN – Pre-Season success of the combination of Burks and Foye

The Jazz have been playing a good deal of Randy Foye and Alec Burks as a back court combination. With a nudge from John Schumman I took a look at how it has done together.

One has to be very careful with what story this tells when it is in the pre-season. They have been playing mostly second teams in the pre-season which means that their have been one if not more non NBA players on the floor at any given time. Moreover, no team has built a plan to pressure the guards and push Foye and Burks ballhandling skills to the limit.

However, it has been successful. I asked Coach Corbin today what he thinks of the combination.

“I really want to get them comfortable with each other, not just with the each other but with the system and time on the floor, Randy with the ball in his hands and Alec with the ball.
It can work for us, you say it is not against regular guys, it has been at times against the main guys, Clippers game and Lakers game, there will be opportunities for use to us it and I feel very comfortable with those two guys on the floor together.
At times we will do it because it is need, it is a long year, you want to have a feel for things when things don’t go as you planned them to go.

It doesn’t sound like this is the plan at this time to use this as the primary second team backcourt. However, the chart below shows the success it has had.