EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz beat the Lakers in Pre-Season Game 3

Emptying the Noggin
• The third quarter was the best the Jazz have looked all season. They went on a 30-12 run to start the quarter against Nash, Bryant, World Peace, Gasol and Sacre. The defense was suffocating, the pace was fast and the Jazz took control of the game.

• In the first quarter the Lakers looked great. They were quick, the ball moved and the Jazz couldn’t match what they were bringing. In the 3rd quarter the Jazz did a much better job matching the Lakers approach. The Lakers are going to be great. The ball movement is impressive and it works to the strength of their players.

• The Jazz are playing at a pace we have never seen out of a Jazzteam. Mo Williams is at the center of this tempo change, but it is clear the entire first unit gets that is the goal. When the rebound comes out they are looking to push or off a made basket they are pushing. This is changing the shot distribution on the Jazz. Marvin and Gordon lead the team in scoring for much of the night. Jefferson took 10 shots, Hayward 9 and Marvin 8.

• Favors defensive presence was big but offensively he has not made strides. Not sure how Tyrone is going to use him but to some extent his lack of offensive development might mean he has to be in the starting lineup because on the 2nd team the Jazz can’t afford to run the offense through him unless he is playing better offensively. Right now he is a nice defensive compliment to Al Jefferson and is not ready for the offensive possessions, whereas Millsap could become the center of the scoring in the 2nd unit and work from there depending on match-ups the rest of the night.

• Enes Kanter has linked three straight double doubles. He is playing hard and playing confident. He got 10 points and 8 rebounds in the 4th quarter of this game against guys that aren’t good enough to play in the D-League. Give him credit he did what he should do against a lesser player. The next step will be doing this against NBA players, so far he has not put these numbers up against anyone who is going to be in a rotation for an NBA team. Yet, it is undeniable he has made huge progress and is going to be a nice asset this year. Hard work has paid off and he is confident.

• Jamaal Tinsley has played very well as the back up point guard. He runs the team perfectly. Defensively is when he has a tough time but the Lakers were unable to cause him any problems.

• Randy Foye is 1 for 17 in the pre-season. He didn’t look comfortable today playing the point guard.

• Kanter and Jefferson played together for a few moments tonight – in the first half it was just 45 seconds and there was no score. In the third quarter it was on the floor for 80 seconds and the Jazz were -4.

• Foye and Burks played together in the 2nd quarter for 3 minutes and Jazz were +3.

• Burks only played 8 minutes but that is just how the game played out. When Foye got the first run in the 2nd half by the time Burks would have entered the end of the bench was on the floor for LA so the Jazz followed suit.

• Chris Quinn is an NBA player – he will play NBA minutes this season.