Emptying the Noggin – Jazz win Pre-Season Game #2

Emptying the Noggin

• Solid night for the Jazz. The opponent at this point is irrelevant it is about the Jazz and how they play and how they are executing what Tyrone Corbin wants for his team. We are beginning to see how Corbin envisions this team. It is notably faster offensively, we have never seen a team that plays at this pace in Utah. They push and push and push. On more than one occasion tonight after a made basket the Jazz got a layup on the other end by just running by the defense. Mo Williams is at the core of this. The nice change was in the Golden State game it felt out of control, in this game it was much more controlled and when the initial shot wasn’t there the Jazz got into a quick hitting offensive play. Mo Williams played very well this evening in orchestrating the offense.

• Defensively the Jazz had much better rotations, only once tonight did the Jazz miss a rotation badly. They were sharp making the correct decision defensively.

• Enes Kanter made another statement tonight. His second straight double double. He is getting up for rebounds and grabbing them with two hands. This sounds very basic but truly this is a special skill. First he jumps as high when he grabs the rebound with 2 hands as he does when he grabs it with one hand. Not many guys are able to go up with two hands and grab couple that with his ability to clear space when he does it and Kanter is going to be a very special rebounder. His jumper looks really smooth as well. His footwork is improved but still needs work and he is getting the ball stripped in traffic. This is all part of development but the first step has been taken and it was a giant step.

• Marvin Williams plays a solid game. He will wow you every now and again but I have a feeling he is going to put 30+ minutes a night on the board and have a very thick box score line. He isn’t AK but he may have some box scores similar where you don’t realize how much he impacted the game and then you look at the score and it is 14-5-3-2-2 and some nights more.

• Al Jefferson is going to lead this team in scoring again but it is not going to be in the same way as last year. The team is playing much faster. The offense is not intended to stick in the left block as it did last year. The Jazz will be able to rely on Al every night for his solid outing but any of 5 guys could lead this team in scoring on a given night.

• Derrick Favors got the start. He has not shown any offensive growth yet in the pre-season. His defense is still terrific and he impacts the game.

• I am getting really curious about how many times Gordan Hayward is going to go to the line per night. It might be a lot

• Randy Foye played the point with Alec Burks at the 2 guard. Foye was relatively non descript as a point guard. Didn’t do anything wrong, didn’t do anything too special. He made a nice play to create one basket. The combination with Burks feels like it could really work both offensively and defensively. Burks had a better defensive night than against the Warriors.

• Burks showed a lot of skills this evening. He was just 3 for 7 the line. Burks might force his way on the floor and if he does that may force Foye to the 1

• Still lots of pre-season to be played. Tomorrow will show us mental toughness and who is intimidated by the scene.