Emptying the Noggin – Jazz lose 83-80 to Warriors in pre-season opener

• Not a lot to take from a pre-season game. It is all the data we have but it is not enough to make real assessments or decisions. If trends hold for 8 straight pre-season games then you can start to make assumptions. However, with that said I will still do some of that is the following

• The Jazz are trying to increase the tempo of the offense, not become a fast break team. Instead the hope is to get into the offense early and hit the other team quickly. Tonight when Mo Williams was in at point the Jazz became an out of control fast break team that just was fast but they didn’t get good looks out of it they were just fast.

• The starters were Mo, Gordon, Marvin, Paul and Al. In the first stint they played even 15-15. In the second stint in the third quarter they got outscored by 4.

• The lineup of Tinsley, Burks, Carroll, Favors and Kanter brought the Jazz back.

• DeMarre Carroll nailed 3 17 foot jumpers and then hit a three finishing the night 4 of 6. If he has found a legitimate jump shot he is going to be helpful to the Jazz.

• Alec Burks really struggled guarding Klay Thompson throughout the game and was taken out of the game for Randy Foye late to have Foye guard Thompson. I thought this was the most revealing moment of the game, that Corbin went to Foye for defense.

• Jamaal Tinsley played all of the back up point guard minutes and played well in the 4th quarter. He is not a threat to shot, but he gets the team in the correct sets and controls the team well,

• Enes Kanter played very well. He is a different player. He nailed a long jumper from the top of the key. He worked the post with a variety of moves, but the biggest thing was he was exhausted and able to play through it. Young bigs go from 60 mph to 0 when they get tired and we say that a lot last year out of Kanter the fact that he was able to fight through it and keep playing tonight and be effective is the most important thing I have seen from him this pre-season.

• The jazz ran three straight post up plays to Marvin Williams – he got fouled on all three. Interesting to see the Jazz run the offense through Marvin in the post.

• Favors had one of his best moves as a Jazz player working from the right block and swirling through the lane to his left hand. However, he was non impactful in the first half and his jump shot doesn’t look improved at all.

• Overall, jazz were sloppy as you would anticipate in their first game. They got out of synch and they forced things. Nothing was smooth to how they played. They missed rotations, they forced plays, they had little rhythm. Nothing to be concerned out just the reality of the first pre-season game of the year