BREAKDOWN – One play showed Kanter’s development

One play last night showed me the difference in this year’s Enes Kanter. In the late moments of the first quarter Kanter got the ball on the left block guarded by 7’1 Andris Biedrins. Last year, Kanter was restricted to playing the game below the rim and with only one move in the post the up and under.

Instead, Kanter took a mini jump hook. Showing a new move was a big difference from last year was the first thing that jumped out. More importantly, Kanter got above Biedrins with the jump hook. His new found conditioning and his lighter frame allowed him to elevate above the 7 footer and get the shot off.

The shot was no good. However, it still showed the new elements to Kanter’s game. Later in the game he hit a long jumper, he grabbed rebounds, he blocked a few shots and ran the floor at a new level. All of products of the off-season work and the natural development from year 1 to year 2 in the NBA, yet it was a missed jump hook over Biedrins that caught my eye.

“It was what we worked on all off-season, he talked about getting some different moves and not always bang bang bang. The one move the up and under move is good for him, he showed some of the stuff he worked on all summer, turn bam bam jumping over guys with the jump hook which is good, trying to get some contact to get that shot over them.” explained Tyrone Corbin.