INSIDER – What can Marvin Williams do?

In Atlanta, the Hawks didn’t ask a great deal out of Marvin Williams. He used only 10 possessions a game the last few years. More often than not on offense he would make the initial cut on the offense and then stand out side the three point line as a spot up shooter.

Was this because Marvin’s lack other skills or simply how the Hawks used the former #2 pick?

Ron Boone, my analyst on 1280 am and 97.5 FM home of the Utah Jazz, has been very impressed with the fundamentals on Marvin’s shot even wondering if he might not be the best shooter on the team.

Today, I asked Tyrone Corbin about Marvin’s shooting “His shot looks good, he is a confident shooter, he knows how to get his feet under him and get his base down so when he comes off the dribble or comes off the down screen he is facing, he has turned quick and get his balance and his release looks really good. He is a good spot up shooter and I think we can get him better off the dribble some too.”

Immediately, I think of the Matt Harpring play where Harping used to come off a pin down for a 15 foot jumper at the free throw line or off a tight curl and take it to the rim. Marvin did very little off the dribble in Atlanta, but watching film of the Hawks he is comfortable with the ball in his hand and is a solid passer, whether it is an entry pass or finding the open man.

Marvin has been an above average starter in the NBA, does Corbin know yet all of what Marvin can do “He can handle the ball, you can put the ball in his hand, you can put him in pick and roll occasionally, you can put the ball in his hand early and be able to create and get to the basket some, he should be able to get to the free throw line some by posting guys up especially smaller 3.”

Out of high school, Williams was one of the elite players in the country recruited by North Carolina and Kansas. He averaged 28.7 points, 15.5 rebounds, 5.0 blocks, and 5.0 assists per game was a McDonald’s All-American and was Parade All-American.

The Hawks believed in him enough to draft him ahead of Deron Williams and Chris Paul. This is not to say he is about to emerge into an all-star player, but he has a skill set that at one time was revered. With the Utah Jazz Marvin may be able to finally use all of his talents.