INSIDER – Is Favors impact Millsap and Jefferson

Is there a reverse Derrick Favors impact happening at Jazz camp? After just a day the word is that Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap have both been terrific in camp. Both are in amazing physical condition and both have come to camp to re-establish their prominence on this team
Millsap and Jefferson are both in contract years, but more importantly from a pride standpoint they both can see the immense talent of Derrick Favors and they both can do the math that there are only 96 big man minutes on the roster.

So much of the conversation has been about how Favors is going to develop and what his next steps are going to be as well as how Favors improves playing Millsap and Jefferson. Flip it around for a second and think about the impact Favors is having on Jefferson and Millsap.

Competition is good from all angles.