INSIDER – Ty Corbin’s comments after Morning Session of Day 1

• Guys are in pretty good shape and were excited to get on the floor
• Get guys familiar with each other
• Today was more conditioning than it was implementing parts of the systems
• Want to get most of the defensive system implemented in the first few days. Want to get the guys out of thinking as soon as possible.
• Nice comments about Jamaal Tinsley and remembering his performance in Golden State last year.
• Burks and Kanter know what they are facing now, they have a feel for what to expect. Their eyes aren’t as wide open.
• The camp is structured but you have to tweak it some to make sure guys are comfortable with everything before you go to the next step.
• Randy and Marvin both veteran guys who know how to play. The experience will be invaluable. Marvin has the ability to play 3 or 4 and Randy can play 1 or 2.
• Mo Williams has great advantage that he has played here before, he understands the landscape and what the Jazz want
• Mo Williams vocal leadership has already shown up in the opening moments of camp.
• We brought in the free agents because we like them, we want to take a look at them.
• We have great experience and a group that can be moved around. We are going to use a lot of people
• We can change some of the things defensively but you have to make sure everyone knows what everyone on the wings are doing.