INSIDER – Morning Session Day 1

The morning session of Day 1 is in the books for the Utah Jazz. The Jazz will be having two a days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On those days the morning session will be non contact and the afternoon session will have contact. The collective bargaining agreement restricts teams to one contact session a day.

Today’s work was primarily conditioning work and the beginning of some implementation. Mo Williams still has a strong knowledge of the Jazz offensive systems, on the other hand Randy Foye and Marvin Williams will have to work for an understanding.

Marvin said that from playing against the Jazz over the years he has basics on how the Jazz system runs, but as they get more detailed he knows he will have to learn more details. The two biggest changes for Marvin will be how the Jazz run their fast break, the Jazz run through from one side to the other than running the floor straight, and the Jazz make more continual cuts in their offense than the average team. In Atlanta, Marvin usually took one cut and got into his place whereas in Utah he will likely be in continual motion.

Everyone seems to have been in good shape. The day when guys come into camp brutally out of shape is over. Every player has a trainer, some have cooks and they are all playing year round.