Question 18 of 20 Questions to Jazz Camp – When does the “Core 4” take over for the Jazz?

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QUESTION 18 – When does Jazz team become team of the Core 4?

I know people love the idea of the Core 4, Hayward, Favors, Burks and Kanter, but I am not sure I see this the same way as everyone else. I see the Jazz as a playoff team with Millsap, Jefferson, etc plus a collection of young players who are developing.

To buy into the Core 4 you have to believe those players and their development is more important than anything else around the team. The Jazz have done nothing as a franchise that shows that to be true. They have held the core of the playoff team together for this season and added three interesting pieces in Mo, Foye and Marvin that compliment both the veterans and the young players.

If the “Core 4”earn their minutes and become a better option to help a playoff team get better they will get their time on the floor. When that takes place it won’t be about developing for the future it will be about being better today.

Don’t misunderstand, the Jazz are interested in those 4 players improving, getting better and being a larger part of wins. What I don’t believe is they value those players more than the other players on the roster.

At this moment the Jazz roster has 14 players who are all viewed as pieces of a puzzle that is intended to improve off of last year’s season.

One of the keys to last season’s success was in the most tumultuous of season’s the players held together and the team continued to battle throughout the season from game 1 to game 66. Tyrone Corbin deserves huge credit for this, but it also had a lot to do with how the team approached the combination of veterans and young players. Every move was about winning and players didn’t have a lot of room for gripping about opportunities or being wronged.