INSIDER – Question 17 of 20 Questions to Jazz Camp – What is Marvin Williams game like?

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QUESTION 17 – What kind of game does Marvin Williams?

To answer this correctly I went back and watched some of his games from last year

Feb 8th v. Indiana
Active off the ball
Nice catch and shoot three from left corner
Defensive matchups Granger and Paul George and Marvin had no problems. Very strong holding ground. Pacers went away from Marvin, if he was guarding Granger they went to George and vice versa. He plays physical defensively.
Granger got him on a 1 on 1 drive where he drew a foul
Made a nice slip to the basket and made himself available for deep post catch but missed shot at the rim.
Not very involved in the offense
Hawks didn’t run the floor with the same focus the Jazz do
Comfortable brining the ball up and in the left block
Willing to rebound and go (bring the ball up off the rebound)
Has a nice nose for the ball
Nice screen out on the glass, worked hard when matched on Hibbert on defensive glass
Spends most of the offense outside the three point line
Doesn’t impact the game in any manner just plays hard and plays right

April 20th v. Boston
Didn’t start
Doesn’t seem as engaged in previous game
Does nice job getting set for spot up jumpers
Plays good defensive concepts
Playing second teams guys and not having an impact
Not a quick jumper

March 25th v. Utah – 4 OT
Makes nice entry passes, comfortable with the ball
Is always where he should be on the floor defensively
Fundamentals on the jumper don’t look quite right, starts the process from low, but release is pretty quick and he is ready for the spot up opportunities
Works hard at all times
Really nice pass out of the left post to the left wing to Joe Johnson, shows some court vision
Very comfortable in the post and passes well out of the post