INSIDER – Question 14 of 20 Questions to Jazz Camp – How good a mid range shooters are Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson

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QUESTION 14 –How good a mid-range shooters are Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson

Paul and Al’s game are very different. Paul has developed the mid range jumper as one of his main weapons in his arsenal. Al’s last resort when he gets the ball is to straighten up and shot an outside jumper. Paul likes to use the jumper early in the game to establish his drive game. Al lives on the left block, but when he is on the right block he is much more likely to spot up and shot.

The best power forward long range 2 pt shooter (16 to 23) feet in the NBA is Dirk Nowitzki at 50%. Of players that took at least 3 a game he is followed by Brandon Bass (48%), Jason Smith (48%), Kevin Garnett (48%) and David West (46%). Paul Millsap is top 15 at 42%.

Jefferson, who is listed as a center, hits on 41% of his 16 to 23 footers. The league average is 39%. Of Centers, Tim Duncan and Marreese Speights are the best at 47% followed by Chris Kaman 45%. Jefferson ranks 7th best of NBA Centers.

Move in to the 10 to 15 foot range and Jefferson holds at around 40%. However, if Jefferson gets what he wants on a possession, the “Weezy” he hits on 47% from 3 to 9 feet. Of players with at least 2 attempts a game only Emeka Okafor and Roy Hibbert are better than Jefferson from 3 to 9 feet.

Millsap, on the other hand, struggles the closer he gets to the basket. From 10 to 15 feet Millsap hits on just 22% the 2nd worst of any power forward in the NBA who plays 20 minutes a night. Andray Blatche, 19% was worse. From 3 to 9 feet, Paul hits 45% which is on the high end of power forwards.

Surprisingly because of his lack of height, Millsap is one of the best at the rim finishers of power forwards in the NBA. Paul is one of just 7 power forwards who make more than 70% of their shots at the rim.