INSIDER – Question 11 of 20 Questions to Jazz Camp – What are you most excited about that people aren’t talking about?

Today is question 11 of 20 questions to Jazz camp. If you have a question please submit it to me at or via twitter @lockedonsports or facebook Locked on Sports

QUESTION 11 –What are you most excited about that people aren’t talking about with the Jazz?

I assume from this question that this eliminates the development of Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter and Alec Burks. That will be the primary story of the opening month of the season and will largely what dictates how the season evolves.

The item I am excited to see that is not being talked about is the Jazz defensive length. The most likely starting line-up has Mo Williams at the point and then a 6’8 Hayward at the 2, 6’9 Marvin Williams at the 3, 6’11 Derrick Favors and 6’10 Al Jefferson.

The league rules have made it so difficult to defend on the perimeter that length has become more and more important. The best wing defenders in the NBA are all exceptionally long for their position, Andre Iguodola, Trevor Ariza, etc.

The Jazz are going to be able to make the floor very small for the opposing team with this group. If Millsap slides to the three for some possessions they will be able to maintain that length.

Off the bench if Foye plays some point guard he is bigger than average and Burks at 6’5 has decent length as well.

The league is emerging to small ball and a spread floor but that doesn’t mean short players. Length and recovery are more important than ever. For the first time in recent memory the Jazz have a roster that should be able to match the needs in that department.