INSIDER – Question 9 of 20 to Jazz Camp – How was the Jazz biggest bargain last year in value v. salary?

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QUESTION 9 –How was the Jazz biggest bargain last year in value v. salary?

Yahoo Sports Ball Don’t Lie blog did an interesting piece today on if JR Smith of the Knicks is a bargain. I thought I would do the same for the Jazz last season.

The idea is to use basketball’s win share stat as a player’s value. Win Share is the estimated wins contributed to the team by that player. Last year, Paul Millsap lead the Jazz in win share with 7.8 and Al Jefferson was second at 7.5. LeBron James lead the NBA at 14.45 followed by Chris Paul at 12.65, then Kevin Durant, Kevin Love and Tyson Chandler.

Only 23 players in the NBA had a win share above 7 last year, Millsap ranked 14th and Jefferson ranked 20th.

Yahoo sports took the total salary paid last season divided by total wins and it got the value of a win at 1.56 million.

Then you take the win share of the player multiply it by 1.56 to get their value. Then subtract their salary to find out if they are plus or minus value. In fairness to someone like Jefferson at 14 million a year he would have to muster a win share of 9,making him top 9 in the NBA to have equal value to his salary.

The Jazz player who gave the most for his value is Gordon Hayward, who is still on his rookie contract. Interestingly, Paul Millsap who was so “overpaid” when the Jazz matched the deal from Portland is now one of the better values in the NBA.

The Jazz worst value of the year was now traded Devin Harris. All of the players who were of positive value are scheduled to return to the Jazz and all the players leaving the Jazz were of negative value.