INSIDER – Question 6 of 20 – How do the new guys like to score?

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QUESTION 6 –How do the new guys, Mo Williams, Randy Foye and Marvin Williams like to score?

I love this question. Where they scored playing in LA or Atlanta and where they will score here in Utah maybe different but it is certainly worth a look. Atlanta played a ton of isolation and draw and kick for Marvin whereas Mo and Randy became spot up shooters for Chris Paul in the pick and roll game.

I am going to take the easy route here and look at some numbers rather than reviewing all of Marvin, Mo and Randy’s baskets from last year.

Marvin Williams

Marvin took the majority of his shots at the rim (165) or mid range (132). He took 148 three’s last year and equally distributed them from corner three’s (41%) and above the break 3’s (36%).

Interesting he only hit 54% of his shots in the restricted area. This was a career low down from the 64% he was the last few seasons. This is why he dropped from a 46% shooter to a 43% last season.

Marvin had almost all of his shots outside 16 feet assisted but anything inside he created on his own.
Marvin took nearly 40% of his shots on spot ups and 132 of his 165 three’s were spot ups.

Mo Wiliams
Mo was a big time three point shooter from above the break last year – 39% (68-174). His mid-range game was above average at 43% and that accounted for 37% of his offense. He only got to the rim 14% of his FGA.
The year prior without Chris Paul and working between the Clippers and Cavs he hit just 33% of his above the break 3’s but got to the rim 17% of his FGA.

Mo used his possessions primarily in two manners, spot up or pick and roll ball handler. He was highly successful in both.

Randy Foye
Foye is another three point shooter that lived above the break – 245 of his 329 three attempts were above the break and he hit 40%. Foye also got to the rim for 19% of his possessions last year, a nice combination to go with 50% of his shots coming from three.

Foye struggles in the 3 to 9 foot area.

Similar to Mo, Randy lived off spot ups from CP3 last year for almost 50% of his shot attempts. He also was effective as a pick and roll ball handler ranking 59th in the NBA in pts per possession.