INSIDER – Question 4 of 20 Questions to Jazz Camp – What is the Jazz future at point guard and what is their plan at point guard?

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QUESTION 4 – What is the Jazz future at point guard and what is their plan at point guard?

This is a legitimate question that the Jazz front office is probably asking themselves. No different than any other position it can be drafted, signed or acquired via trade but I don’t think the Jazz have zeroed in on any of those three right now.

The Jazz made the first decision this off season that it was not going to be Devin Harris. The move to Mo Williams tells us a little about what Tyrone Corbin and the Jazz are looking for out of the point guard. Corbin wants toughness. They want leadership and they want high level effort on the defensive end.
For the time being the point guard for the Jazz will be 29 year old Mo Williams. I wouldn’t entirely shut the door on Williams holding this position for a few seasons. Looking over Williams career, the last time he was a full time point guard was in 2007-08 in Milwaukee. He started along side shooting guard Michael Redd. In that season, Williams shot 48% from the field, 39% from three and averaged 17 points and 6 assists.

Then he moved to Cleveland and played alongside Lebron James in a hybrid point guard situation. He had two great seasons including an all-star year at Cleveland, averaging 17 points a game and 5 assists a game.

The last two years are a poor representation of Williams. He got traded midyear from the Cavaliers to the Clippers and never hit a stride. Then last season he got usurped by Chris Paul at the point guard situation.

If Mo returns to his Milwaukee or Cleveland form there is no reason why he couldn’t hold down the point guard position for the next few seasons.
The other aspect in this evaluation is what is a point guard in the NBA. The John Stockton distribution based point guard has gone by the wayside with the rule changes. The offensive penetrating creating point guard is much more in vogue and might alter how the Jazz play the position.