INSIDER – Scott Layden heading to San Antonio to be Assistant GM

Jazz assistant coach Scott Layden is the new assistant general manager of the San Antonio Spurs according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. Strangely, Layden will be replacing the Utah Jazz new general manager Dennis Lindsey who left the Spurs to come to Jazz.

Layden was arguably most trusted assistant coach of Tyrone Corbin. Layden hired Corbin for his first coaching job when he was the GM of the New York Knicks. Corbin and Layden then shared the bench with Phil Johnson and Jerry Sloan for many years before moving a few chairs to their right. Layden was the one coach who had worked with Corbin prior to Corbin becoming the head coach.

From a Jazz standpoint, Corbin and the front office will now be on the search for an assistant coach to compliment Jeff Hornacek, Sydney Lowe and Mike Sanders. Layden was the strongest voice to Corbin about how things had been done in Utah whereas, Hornacek and Lowe have brought outside voices to the conversation.

How Corbin forms his staff could be telling about how envisions the Jazz developing as a team over the next few years.

From Layden’s standpoint this is an opportunity to get back into the front office and do it with some of the best in the business. After his experience in New York, Layden was going to be very careful who he attached his cart to in the future. Layden’s resume in the front office is very strong and this puts him back on the radar as a GM in the NBA.

Layden has been one of the foremost members of the Jazz organization. He has always held himself with impeccable class. His run as GM was the key to the Jazz great success with Stockton and Malone and as an assistant coach the organization couldn’t have asked for a better and loyal employee.