BREAKDOWN – How does Favors get his minutes?

I am working on a larger project with what to anticipate with Favors this season. My general feeling is Favors will leave the coaches no choice and he will be our best player this season.

Therefore, how do the Jazz coaches move the minutes around to keep everyone happy. The Jazz have to hope that Favors can average 35 mins and Kanter can move from his 14 to nearly 20 a night. But that combines for an increase of about 20 minutes without losing any players.

Last season, Jefferson averaged 34 minutes and Millsap averaged 30. Let’s assume Jefferson drops to 30 a night and Millsap drops to 26 a night. The only way to achieve Favors at 35 minutes and Kanter at 20 is to play Millsap about 6 minutes per half as a small forward.

In turn, Millsap would be playing 14 minutes a night as a power forward and 12 minutes a night as a small forward.

Where this gets tricky is figuring out how to achieve it in the rotations. Tyrone Corbin last year didn’t like playing Jefferson and Kanter together and I can’t imagine that is going to change.

Truthfully, I think Kanter getting to 20 minutes is going to be hard to achieve. Kanter will have to blow some peoples socks off to be able to get to that point in his 2nd year at 20 year old. He is working hard, last time I was at the facility he was there.

How could you put this together. Assume 1st half and 2nd half rotations would be the same, which will never be the case because different line-ups will close each night

Favors/Jefferson start and play 1st 8 minutes
Millsap subs in at 6 minute as the small forward
Kanter enters at 90 minute mark for Jefferson
End of 1st quarter – Favors 12; Jefferson 8; Millsap 6; Kanter 4

Start the 2nd Quarter with Millsap and Kanter
Jefferson enters at the 9 minute mark for Kanter
Favors enters at the 6 minute mark for Millsap
End of 2nd Quarter — Favors 18; Jefferson 17; Millsap 12; Kanter 7

I suspect that on certain nights Millsap re-enters in the 2nd quarter or 4th quarter with 4 minutes left as the small forward then getting to the 26 minutes a night.

Kanter is only at 14 in this scenario. Kanter is going to have to be good enough to get minutes from Jefferson.

I believe Marvin Williams in the small forward and plays around 27 minutes a night as he has the past two years in Atlanta. In the above scenario he would play 27 of the 36 minutes at small forward that Millsap is not playing with Hayward sliding over for a few minutes as well.

The problems are going to arise if Kanter and Burks force themselves on the floor. In addition, if Foye can play the back up point guard many of these issues go away immediately.