EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – The 2012-13 Utah Jazz NBA Schedule

Emptying the Noggin on the Jazz 2012-13 NBA Schedule
• I love this schedule for fans. I have always believed the hardest part of being an NBA fan is knowing when your team plays. The NFL it is Sunday, baseball it is every night, basketball is all over the board. Not this year for the Jazz. We are a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Not every week but on 9 weeks of the season we play Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

• I love this schedule for the Jazz – The dreaded 4 games in 5 nights. The Jazz don’t have a single 4 games in 5 nights all season. No stretch that makes you scream, “mercy.” It looks very good and if we start well look out the middle has a chance for a lot of wins.

• The worst part of a Jazz schedule is traditionally playing a back to back in the Central time zone having played at home the night before. Only happens once all year going to Minnesota on Feb 13th playing OKC at home the night before with all-star break coming.

• Jazz don’t play a single game all year on a Thursday and we play only 4 road Sunday games.

• Better be good on the road early – Jazz play just 3 of their first 11 games on the road and of the 8 road games they play 5 are playoff teams last year.

• I believe we have 12 home Monday games, 3 home Tuesdays (all after Feb), 12 home Wednesday games, 8 home Friday games and 6 home Saturday, 0 games Thursday night or Sunday night.

• Family Home Evening package – I love this – 12 home Monday night games and 10 are great including Jeremy Lin and the Rockets, Denver, CP3 and Blake in December, Dallas and Dirk in January, the World Champion Heat on Jan 14th, Houston again on the 28th of Jan, Jimmer on Feb 4th, Boston on the 25th of Feb, the Knicks in March and Damian Lillard in April.

• Twice a month is all I ask 12 game pack package – November – Lakers on the 7th and Denver on the 26th. December – Spurs on the 12th and Clippers on the 28th January – Minnesota and Rickey Rubio on the 2nd and Miami on the 14th – February – Derrick Rose and the Bulls on 8th and Boston on the 25th. March – Knicks on the 18th and Deron and Brooklyn on the 30th and April with a check on the rookie Damian Lillard and Portland on the 1st and Oklahoma City on the 9th. I love those 12 and I had to leave some out.

• November is unreal at home – opener (actually October); Lakers on the 7th, Jeremy Lin and Houston on the 19th and Jimmer the 23rd .

• Tune in the TV early. New Orleans is one of the most interesting team in the NBA with newcomers Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers. Jazz play the Hornets 2nd game of the year on November 2nd and again in New Orleans on November 28th. Good news for Jazz the Hornets will be better as the year goes on.

• The Jazz play 4 teams just three times, the Lakers, Spurs, Warriors and Mavericks. Once again favorable to Utah

• If the Jazz can be 3-3 after the first 6 games they will be favored in 6 of their next 8 and at least 11 of the next 14.

• However, Jazz better be in good shape on Dec 9th because from Dec 9th to the 2nd of January the Jazz play 12 games. 10 of those against good teams and 5 against some combination of Lakers, Spurs, Miami and the Clippers.

• If the Jazz can survive that stretch and have a good record on Jan 9th look out. Only 3 of their next 14 games are against teams that are “good.”

• If Jazz need wins late they should be there for the taking. The final 11 games of the season are only against 3 teams who made playoffs last year.

• Hope the Jazz are battling for a playoff spot at the end of the season but if they are it could be with Minnesota and they play the Wolves 2 of the final 3 games of the season.

• Jazz have two NBA double headers – home v. Sacramento on Friday November 23rd and in Sacramento the next night. Also, home Friday December 28th v. Clippers in LA against the Clippers the next night.

• Not many really tough stretches of the schedule but I would choose these three …..

1) right out of the shoot – 5 games in 8 nights in 5 cities, @NO, @SA, @Mem, v. LAL and then Denver in 8 days.

2) Early Jan we play @ Phx and @ Den back to back day off and come home for one game (Dallas) and then travel to Charlotte the next day for 3 games in 4 nights on east (Charlotte,Atlanta and Detroit) – that stretch may be key because that should be 3 wins and Jazz have to fight the schedule

3) Jazz play a three game Texas trip -@Houston, @SA and @ Dallas after that the Jazz come home for two Philly and Phoenix head to Portland for 1 and then on the back end of that play a home back to back v. Brooklyn. It is nothing too brutal but it comes out to 5 games in 8 nights and 7 in 12 with 5 cities.

Overall this as good as you can ask for as a Jazz fan. Can’t wait till training camp opens around October 1st.