INSIDER – Reports Jazz to add Randy Foye to roster

According to Ric Bucher of ESPN, the Utah Jazz have signed guard Randy Foye to a one year contract. Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor is known for shopping the market after the dust settles and he has done it again.

Foye, the former 7th pick of the NBA draft, is a 6’4 combo guard who was the starting two guard for the LA Clippers last season. Foye entered the NBA in Minnesota where he struggled to find a defined position, not quite ever adapting to the point guard, but not entirely a shooting guard.

Post all-star break last year Foye averaged 13 pts and shot 41% from the field and 41% from three taking 6 threes a game for the Clippers. Foye’s best year in the NBA came in his third season when he averaged 16 pts and shot 41% from the field and 36% from three.

Last season, Foye changed his game dramatically playing with Chris Paul. He became an almost exclusive spot up shooter. He stopped going to the line and he took 5 three attempts a game. He hit on 39.7% of his spot up three’s last season.

Foye’s offensive issues have often been shot selection as well as turning the ball over too much.

One NBA Scout today told me “He can shoot and play two positions, plus he is tough.”
It is not clear how the Jazz will use Foye, but if Earl Watson struggles to return from his knee injury he could be the back up point guard and if Alec Burks struggles in his sophomore season he could be the back up shooting guard.

The Jazz added experienced depth that can play 2 positions and can shoot. Kevin O’Connor went into the off-season hoping to improve the shooting and toughness of the team. With Mo and Marvin Williams no coupled with Randy Foye he has accomplished what he set out to do .