BREAKDOWN – Did Jazz improve their spot up shooting?

“Left block to Jefferson, the Clippers double Jefferson, Al kicks to Hayward, Gordon swings it to ……. for a spot up jumper.” That is the purpose of getting the ball in the paint. Make the defense react, move the basketball and get an open look. The only problem for the Jazz was finding the shot maker on the end of that equation.

Have the Jazz improved that with the addition of Marvin Williams and Mo Williams?

Last season on spot ups Marvin Williams hit 74 of 200 (37%)and from three was 53 of 132 (40%).

Over the last two seasons Marvin is 166 of 422 (39%) on spot ups and from three is 90 of 238 (38%)

Now let’s look at the players that Marvin Williams is replacing

Josh Howard was 31 of 106 on spot ups (29%) and 6 of 27 from 3 on spot ups (22%)

CJ Miles was 47 of 136 on spot ups (34.6%) and 33 of 96 from 3 on spot ups (34.4%)

Raja Bell was 27 of 76 on spot ups (35.5%) and 24 of 65 from 3 on spot ups (36.9%)

That is a significant improvement.

How about from the point guard position ….

Over the last two seasons Mo is 144 of 332 (43%) and from three is 95 of 236 (40%)

Last season on spot ups Mo Williams was 90 of 204 (44%) and from three was 58 of 139 (42%)

In Mo’s final year in Cleveland he hit on 45% of his spot up (113-253) and 43% of his three’s.

Very consistent across the board.

Devin Harris hit on 72 of 180 spot ups (40%) and on 56 of 145 on spot up three’s (38.6%)

The year before between NJN and Utah he was 57 of 152 (37.5%) and 36 of 101 from three (35.6%)

Mo Williams looks to be a step up as well from Devin Harris when it comes to spot up shooting.

Last year the Jazz as a team only hit on 36% of spot up jumpers and 34% of spot up three’s. Maybe the Williams twosome will help that in the correct direction.