INSIDER – Reports have Jazz acquiring Marvin Williams for Devin Harris

Rumors and reports say that Kevin O’Connor continued to re-tool the Utah Jazz by acquiring Marvin Williams from the Atlanta Hawks from the Devin Harris.

Williams is 6’9 245 lbs and has played in the NBA 7 years.

If this deal comes through newly acquired Mo Williams becomes the starting point guard for the Utah Jazz and Marvin Williams likely becomes the starting small forward along with Gordon Hayward as the shooting guard.

The length and athleticism of Williams, Hayward and Favors would give the Jazz three tremendous defensive players on the floor. Hayward at 6’8 and Williams at 6’9

The Jazz have liked Williams since he came out of North Carolina in the NBA Draft. The Jazz drafted Deron Williams with the pick after the Hawks selected Marvin Williams.

Marvin Williams, who just turned 26 years old, has never achieved all the success that was forecast for him in Atlanta. He got caught up on a team whose offense was primarily isolation based not a strength in Marvin’s game.

Williams has started 379 games in his career in the 487 of his career. For his career he has averaged 30 minutes a night shooting 45%, 33% from three and 81% from the free throw line.

Last season, Williams found the range from three hitting on 39% of his three pointers, his career high. Interestingly, he also took the most he has ever taken at 2.6 per game. The two seasons Williams has taken a lot of three’s he has shot over 35% from three.

Williams goes to the line at a high rate 11% of his possessions and shots a three 26% of his possessions. Not a lot of players in the NBA are 10%+ of possessions at free throw line and 25% of possessions from three, the two most efficient ways to use a possession. Only 18 players in the NBA did that last season.

Williams was very good with the ball, turning the ball over 7% of the time.
Williams is a good rebounder at 5 a game from the small forward position. Williams grabbed 16.8% of the available defensive rebounds last year and 6% of offensive rebounds. Williams is the 10th best defensive rebounder of small forwards in the NBA.

Today I talked with Francis Williams, one of Marvin’s AAU coaches from Seattle, Washington, “Change of scenery will be good for him. Marvin is a good decision maker and he is smart. He is tougher than people give him credit for. He is capable of making other guys better. He struggles at times not being as athletic as some of the other three’s. He can really help a team.”

I will give you more of a breakdown in the upcoming hours