INSIDER – Day 2 of the Free Agency and the impact on the Jazz

Day 2
Day 2 of free agency was a big one. For the first time we saw numbers on deals and they were stunning. Always seems to the case.

The Nets came to an agreement with Gerald Wallce 4 years at 40 million. Basically, the Nets traded the rights to draft Damian Lillard or Harrison Barnes for Gerald Wallce and a 4 year 40 million dollar deal. Wallace is a nice player, but he has never been on a good team and every team he has been on has gotten worse when he joined them which should be a red flag. There are nice players in this league who if you are relying on you lose and he may be one of them. Not sure but I think the Nets could have done this deal without ever trading the 6th pick.

Impact on the Jazz – Maybe taking the Nets out of the Andrei Kirilenko sweepstakes. Also, Nets could get money tight and need to move Anthony Morrow

The Rockets pulled the stunner of the day. Omer Asik signed a 3 year deal for 25 million with the Rockets. Asik played 13 minutes a night for the Bulls. Asik is one of the best defensive players in the NBA so it might not be crazy but it is out of left field. The details on the deal were well documented by John Hollinger and they make the new CBA an absolute sham.

Impact on Jazz – Another big man in the West, more it shows the insane $ for big men with Millsap and Jefferson both becoming free agents next year. Also in the future with Kanter and Favors.

The Portland Trailblazers just treated the Pacers the way they have been treating the Jazz. They signed Pacers center Roy Hibbert to a max offer sheet. The deal starts at 13.7 million a year. YES 13.7 Million.

Blazers are renouncing Raymond Felton, Jamal Crawford and JJ Hickson so they have a ton of room.

Hibbert was an all-star last year and despite not being the most efficient offensive player is a legit 7’2 huge body in the middle. His athleticism is not elite and his shooting percentage has been below 50% for his whole career. I like Hibbert, but we are talking a 13 ppg 9 reb guy who blocks 2 shots a game and shots below 50%.

With that said I am not sure Indiana has a choice but to match. If so Portland misses on Hibbert and Asik who they targeted and when you start down the line of choices is usually when you make a mistake.

Impact on Jazz – This is another example of what Big men get in contracts and it is scary. The Blazers are rebuilding and it will be interesting to see what the do. Right now they are Lillard, Aldridge and Hibbert if Indiana doesn’t match. I am not sure that completely scares me.

The Timberwolves are on the verge of a 4 year -44 million dollar offer to Nicolas Batum. Batum coupled with Love, Pekovic and Rubio is quite a team and if Derrick Williams ever figures it out then the Wolves really could have something.

They would need a real 2 guard at some point or they plan to mix and match Ridnour, Barea with the Budinger and Batum combo which is really 1 and 3’s playing the 2.

Impact on Jazz – Minnesota is coming and they are going to be a force with Rubio at the helm. However, from a Jazz standpoint I like this it weakens Porltand and overpay Batum saddling Minnesota with a questionable contract which will restrict them in the future. If Minnesota didn’t blow the Wesley Johnson pick they wouldn’t have to do this.


I wrote about this earlier –

The more I look into this the more I think Utah is a real option for Kirilenko. My estimation on what is going to take place is AK will have to decide whether to take big money in Sacramento or return to Utah on a short deal.

Toronto offers Steve Nash a 3 year 36 million dollar deal. The impact here is Toronto has set a high market for Nash and whoever pays him is going to have to use real $$.

According to reports, Knicks offer to Suns for Steve Nash sign-and-trade is Landry Fields, Toney Douglas, Dan Gadzuric & Jerome Jordan. This is a whole lot of nothing other than Landry Fields who is decent.

Impact on Jazz – Jazz have huge cap money next year, over 40 million and anytime someone spends this year it is good for the Jazz next year.

Deron is meeting with the Mavericks first and the Nets second. The Nets are trying to pull off a Dwight Howard trade and a Joe Johnson trade to build the team for Deron.

The Nets are offering , From Marc Stein Sources say Nets now offering Farmar, Petro, Morrow, J. Williams, Stevenson (via sign-and-trade) and future first for Joe. That is a bunch of junk and expiring contracts.
Dwight Howard is trying to force his why to Brooklyn.

Impact on Jazz- the best part of all of this — NONE !!!!!!!!