INSIDER – Night 1 of Free Agency

Notes from night one of free agency
Omer Asik, the Bulls 7 footer is an unrestricted free agent and despite playing just 13 mins a night averaging 3 pts and 4 rebs he is getting a ton of interest from Blazers and the Rockets in the early moments of free agency.

Jordan Hill, who is property of the Lakers after being dumped by Houston last year is getting interest from Minnesota, Orlando, Golden State and Miami. Hill averaged 12 mins a game and 5 pts and 4 rebs.

Can only imagine what the market for two 13 min a night big men in the NBA is this year?.

Word is Toronto is willing to give Steve Nash between 12 and 14 million a year.

Eric Gordon and OJ Mayo are big names – Phoenix has talked to both.

Goran Dragic has said he wants to be a starter wherever he lands.

Eric Gordon will visit his hometown of Indiana and Houston on Monday with Phoenix on Tuesday according to Chris Broussard and he will also being going to Porltand

Andre Miller’s name is quiet on night 1 as is the case with Ersan Illysova from the Bucks.

Houston has had trade talks for Kevin Martin but at this point are planning on keeping him.

Brandon Roy has met with the Timberwolves

Heat are heavily pursuing Ray Allen

Minnesota, Cleveland and Toronto are very interested in Nic Batum