BREAKDOWN – Derrick Favors Season in Review Part 4 – Shooting Locations


Derrick Favors is not an offensive player at this point in his career. This becomes more obvious when we dig into how he shots from location and more so when we look at synergy.

Favors does most of his work at the rim, but his shooting from outside 10 feet is tough. He shot just 22% on 10 to 15 footers and 28% on his 16 to 23 footer.
Looking month to month you do see improvement.

His shooting from 16 to 23 feet got better each month of the season as did his shooting from 3 to 9 feet. The increase in his numbers over the last 10 games of the season contrasting the season as a whole is a good sign for the future.

However, taking one final look at Favors via it is clear how much he still must develop an offensive game and why despite what he says he may have to be a 5 not a 4 for sometime.