BREAKDOWN – Derrick Favors Season in Review Part 3- By Circumstances

• Favros was the same home and on the road. Strangely, he averaged 9.74 possessions on the road and 9.74 possessions used at home. He went to the line the same as home as the road.

• Favors was better against above .500 teams. His Locke Offensive ranking was 7.8 but just .7 v. below .500 teams.

• Favors Locke Offensive Rating by Month, January (3.3), February (1.2), March (3.6) and April 13.6. He didn’t get more possessions he just started making shots. In fact, he got to the line less in April than any other month.

• Favors was better as a started than as a sub – Locke offensive rating of 10.6 as a starter and 4.0 off the bench.

• Favors did little in the clutch but when he did he was good, hitting 11 of 19 from the field and all 3 of his free throws.

• Favors didn’t go to the line at all in close games

• Favors was best against Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Orlando, Portland and Philly.

• Favors struggled against Boston, Miami, New Jersey and Sacramento.