BREAKDOWN – Derrick Favors Season in Review – Part 2 – Compared to League

Looking at the Locke Offensive Ranking we see Favors compared to other players who had comparable Locke Offensive ranking this season.

League average was 6.5 so these players are around league average and some slip below. Notice Al Jefferson is in this group.

One area of interest is Favors scoring opportunities per 40 minutes (SO) was 15.4 which is higher than many of these players. Other than the go to guys he is using a lot of scoring chances on the floor. This is good, it means he will be able to get looks and create points when he is on the floor more.

The 13.5% of possessions going to the line is also on the high end for this group of players.
Only three players in the NBA who used at least 9 possessions a game turned the ball over more than Favors, Tyson Chandler, Nene Hilario and Chris Kaman.

Kevin O’Connor is a fan of the simplistic but telling PTS/FGA. Favors had a 1.28 the best of any Jazz big men and similar to Marc Gasol (1.29) Chris Bosh (1.27) LaMarcus Aldridge (1.26) Roy Hibbert (1.25)