BREAKDOWN – Derrick Favors Season in Review Part 1 – Year to Year

Derrick Favors is the 4th of our season in review pieces for Locked on Jazz. We will analyze each player in 7 parts

Part 1: Year Compared to Career
Part 2: Compared to the league
Part 3: Year via circumstances
Part 4: Shooting positions on the foor
Part 5: Synergy Sports
Part 6: His impact on the floor and what line-ups worked with him on the floor
Part 7: Comparative to history

As I mentioned with Gordon Hayward the second year class struggled as a whole last year. With a year’s experience of how the league works and what a full season really entails these players were unable to advance their skills in a structured environment. In turn, most of the player s had step back years instead of step forward years.

Therefore, I would anticipate the play we saw from these players in the latter half of the season is a better representative of what we can expect from them in the long term.
We can begin to see the jump in Favors game. Traditionally, players increase the most year 2 to 3 and in the case of some bigs it is year 3 to 4.

Favors numbers are remarkably similar year 1 to year 2. However, a 4.1 in 2011-12 is much better than a 4.2 the year before due to the lockout season. Interestingly, he didn’t get more scoring chances per game, but he did increase his turnovers a great deal.
His consistency at getting to the line shows that is legitimate at around 13% of his possessions. 13% is similar to Bynum, Marc Gasol, Brenden Haywood and Nene.

Looking at Favors career it is all very similar. He got less of his buckets this year off an assist as he was forced to make more plays for himself.

The most important number here is the improvement in his defensive rebounding %. The numbers last year were not acceptable for a big man, but this year he brought it up to 22.6% which is good and maintained his offensive rebounding rate.

Year 2 to 3 should look dramatically different.