BREAKDOWN – Gordon Hayward Season in Review – Part 6 – How Jazz were with Hayward on floor and what position is Hayward

This year the Jazz were considerably better with Gordon Hayward on the floor than off the floor and big change from his rookie year. This year when Hayward was on the floor the Jazz were +.47 for 100 possession and -2.5 when he was off the floor.

The Jazz were a great deal better offensively when he was on the floor 107.3 compared to 102 when he was on the bench, the opposite is true on the defensive end where the Jazz were better if he was off the floor. This may have a lot to do with who he was playing with.

Gordon Hayward on the floor with Derrick Favors and any other three player defensive rating is 99.4. Boston was a 98.8 and Chicago was 97.5, Philly 3rd best at 99. Gordon Hayward on the floor with Al Jefferson BUT NOT DERRICK FAVORS defensive rating is 110.1. Most of the time this is Millsap and Jefferson. Charlotte at 110.8 was the worst defensive team. in the NBA last year. New Jersey was 109.7 and Washington was 107 to put the 110.1 in perspective.

Those are incredible. The Jazz line-up of Jefferson and Millsap is a front court has been a defensive failure for two seasons.

When playing with his fellow young players things didn’t go so well. In the line-ups that played at least 5 minutes together this year when on the floor with Burks Jazz were -3.2, add Favors and they were -8.4 and add Kanter they were -11.4.

Gordon only had 7 line-ups that he played with for over 20 minutes this year that were positive. The two best line-ups he played with involved Millsap at the 3 and Hawyard at the 2. Then he was best with Earl, CJ, Paul and Al followed by Harris, Hayward, Carroll, Favors and Jefferson which outscored opponents 68-47 in 24 minutes last season. This was the best offensive unit that Gordon played on all year.

The 4 best offensive units (20 mins minimum) Gordon Hayward played on this year had him at the 2 guard rather than the small forward. Whereas, 5 of the 6 worst offensive line-ups Gordon played at least 20 minutes with had him at the small forward. 5 of the 8 best defensive line-ups Gordon played on also had him at the 2 guard. His 4 best overall defensive units all had him at the 2 guard.

This brings up the issue what position should Gordon play. According to 82 here is how his production changed based on position

Jazz were +92 when he played the shooting guard and -44 when he was the small forward. This is almost entirely based on the big line-up. Jazz were +77 with Millsap at the three.

Interesting that Gordon shot the exact same % if he was a 2 or a 3. He allowed more points to opposing two guards but he defended the shot better. Overall, it seems to have very little difference.