BREAKDOWN – Gordon Hayward Season in Review – Part 4 Shot Locations

Consistency is not a strong point for Gordon Hayward in his career after two years. His splits vary greatly from month to month and as you can see his shooting has varied as well based on location on the floor year to year.

I think the collection of two years is a good guess on where his career averages fall. Some important things jump out here from a year ago. He was on the floor twice as much and got two times as many shots at the rim, a bit more than two times as many three’s and was able to decrease his 16 to 23 footer shot.

The amount of his three point shots assisted is worth noting, 100%. His rookie year was 97%. Gordon is league average on the 16 to 23 footer at 38% and below league average on the 10 to 15 footer. The pull up jumper in the mid range is the next step for his game.

Hayward’s 65% at the rim is above the league average. It is the same rate as Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Joe Johnson and Monta Ellis.

Hayward took 2.7 shots a game at the rim. Wingplayers who took at least 2.7 shot a game at the rim only Manu, LeBron, Durant, Afflalo, Mbah a Moute, Kobe, Wade, Marion, Batum and Ellis were better.

Gordon Hayward and Nichols Batum have very similar shooting numbers.

Gordon only took 41 of his three’s as corner three’s. All of these numbers are heading in the correct direction.