BREAKDOWN – Gordon Hayward Season in Review Part 3 – By Circumstances

This is the look at Gordon Hayward via circumstances, home v. road, good teams v. bad teams, east v. west and time period of the game.
Here are the observations
• Gordon was far better on the road than home this year. His Locke offensive ranking was 15.9 on road and just 6.9 at home. He shot 48% on road and 43% at home, he went to the line more on the road and he turned the ball over a great deal less at 11.7% of his possessions rather than the 15.7% he did at hime.

• He was at his best against the division and as were most of the Jazz better against the East than the West

• He played equally against above .500 teams and below .500

• He ignited post all-star break and had a Locke offensive ranking of 20.0. This makes him one of the top wing players in the NBA. Post all-star break he went to the line more and he shot a higher percentage but he didn’t use more possessions for threes.

• Gordon’s Locke offensive ranking by month were -2.8 in January; 9 in Feb; 13.8 in March and an unreal 31.0 in April. 31 in April is other wordl. He did the ultimate he increased his percentage of possessions shooting a three but didn’t stop going to the line. He used 26.7% of his possessions to shot a three and 13.4% to go the line. If both of those increased slightly next year he will be golden.

• In March and April he used 12 scoring opportunities a game up from 9 earlier and was far better in how he used them.

• According to stats inc Gordon was much better offensively when starting as a guard than as a forward. Guard his Locke offensive ranking was a 19.7 as a forward just 5.6.

• Gordon is not a late game player yet. Shooting just 37% in the 4th quarter hitting only 5 of 25 from three. He did hit 81% of his 4th quarter free throws. In the clutch he shot just 38% and hit just 3 of 12 from three. He did nail 40 of 49 free throws. In late and close (final 2 mins) he was just 3 of 11 and 1 of 3 from three.

• He played best against Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, Milwaukee, Orland, Philly and Phoenix. He struggled against Charlotte, Clippers and Lakers, OKC and Spurs.