BREAKDOWN – Paul Millsap Season in Review Part 7 – Comparative players in history

This was one of the more interesting searches I have done. Picking the stats I think are most important to who Paul is I searched for players since 1990 who have averaged between 17 and 20 pts per 36 minutes, 9 or more rebounds per 36 minutes and 1.5 steals or more per 35 minutes.

Sorted by basketball-reference win share the names that are closest to Paul are a 34 year old Kevin Garnett in 10-11, Kenyon Martin in 03-04, Tom Gugliotta in 93-94 and Chris Gatling in 91-92. The top of this list was Shawn Marion in his Phoenix days and Shawn Kemp in his best Seattle days.

Marion is an interesting parallel. Could Millsap become Marion? In Phoenix Marion was a prolific three point shooter with Steve Nash shooting nearly 300 a season and Paul isn’t going to do that anytime soon. However, in many other ways they may be similar players. The other comps were all true power forwards like Weber, Garnett and Kemp and they all came in a bit stronger across the board than Millsap.

The summary I would have from this comp is that Paul is simply a notch below the elite players that were aforementioned, but does a unique set of skills on the floor. The comps to a Kenyon Martin post injury, Tom Gugliotta before he became solely a stand still shooter and Chris Gatling are probably fair.

For your laugh of the day here is the basketball reference similarity score to Paul Millsap for his career via win shares.