BREAKDOWN – Paul Millsap Season in Review – Part 5 – Millsap via Synergy Sports

PART 5 – Millsap Synergy Sports
Here is Paul Millsap via Synergy Sports. Synergy Sports labels every possession as a type of play be it a post up, spot up, hand off, etc. The label is based upon how the play ends


Paul gets 24% of his offense from a post up but he only hits on 39.7% of his post ups and ranks 77th in the NBA on those post ups. He scores just 41.9% of the post ups. These numbers slipped as the season went on. A year ago Paul was 15th best in the NBA in post up but just on 182 chances in contrast to this year when he had 289. Therefore, it is fair to conclude on the correct match-up this can work for Paul, but not as a staple. A year ago he averaged 1.07 pts per post up and this year it was just .82.

A year ago Paul had 20% of his offense off the Cut, this year it was just 13%. His post ups jumped from 14% of his offense to the aforementioned 24%.

Paul is best when getting the ball on the Cut (1.36 pts per possession #25 in NBA) or on the offensive rebound (9th best in the NBA).

When Paul gets put in 1 on 1 situation he is still not very strong. As mentioned the post ups are 39.7% FG and isolations are just 34% and 16% turnover rate.

The Jazz ran limited pick and roll, but Millsap seems to be an ok pick and roll man player. He is not good when the ball handler on the pick and roll.

I am surprised to see that he is not a great transition player finishing at just 54% and ranking 173rd in the NBA. A year ago he was 71% shooting on transition and 52nd in the NBA.


No surprise to see Paul struggles defensively on the post-up ranking 141st in the NBA on post up defense, allowing 49% shooting.

However, all movement areas Paul is great. 37th best in the NBA on isolation plays, #24 off the screen and #55 when put into pick and roll guarding the roller. He also did a really respectable job dealing with stretch 4’s only allowing 33% three point shooting on the spot ups.

The spot up defense is a nice change a year ago he allowed 40% of three’s on spot ups.

His isolation defense is amazing. Players shot 28% against him and he forced 11% of possessions into turnovers and didn’t give up a single and 1. This is not new last year players shot 36% against him and he forced 17% of the plays into turnovers.