BREAKDOWN – Paul Millsap Season in Review – Part 4 Shooting from Locations

Over the past seasons Paul Millsap has had one of the more remarkable transformations from an offensive rebounding garbage player to a legitimate threat shooting from the floor and being able to create offense for himself. We will look more deeply into this during Part 5 when we look at his Synergy Sports numbers.

However, via the information from and we look at home he shots from locations on the floor.

A great deal of discussion on how much Paul has improved his outside shot, however the truth is he takes it much more but is just as proficient. From 16 to 23 feet Paul has hit at over 40% for 5 straight season and in the last three years has from 42% to 45%.

Paul season seems to depend on this 16 to 23 footer. When he was on fire in January he hit on a remarkable 48% of these shots taking 4 a game. This was the issue in Paul’s slump in February he hit just 32% of his 16 to 23 footers. Otherwise, he hovered near 41% in every other month.

The league average is 38% from 16 to 23 feet.

As Paul’s game has evolved he has been consistent on where his shots come from. He averages about 4.5 shots at the rim and 3.5 to 4.5 from 16 to 23. One area that can’t be underestimated in importance is Paul’s impressive increase of FG% at the rim. For an undersized player he has learned how to score at the rim. 5 years ago he hit just 59% and this year was at 71% his 5 straight year with an increase.

Paul had a statistical anomaly in his shooting from 10 to 15 feet. After a career high 52% from 10 to 15 feet he dropped to 22% this season. Paul got better from 10 to 15 in every month of the season and finished hitting 32% of them in April.

The change in how the Jazz played this year shows up statistically and one of those is assisted FG’s at the rim. The last few years he had 73% of his FG’s at the rim assisted. This year it was just 52.8%. My thought on this is because of the lack of transition baskets but we will learn that in our synergy studies.

Most interesting here is Millsap ability to use 43% of his possessions in the restricted area despite his height restrictions. Also he hits the corner three on his 8 attempts but just 4 of 23 when he moves above the break.